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Book report #2 1. Write down the : a. Name of the book (Underlined)
B. Author
Christopher Paolini
C. Number of Pages 754 D. Publication Company Random House inc. E. Date of publication October 2006 2. Give a short description of the setting
The 15 year old resident of Carvahall, Eragon, starts the book by finding a strange blue stone while traversing The Spine, a mountainous area outside his home. The world in which this novel takes place is known as Alagaesia, under the control of Galbatorix, a fallen Dragon Rider, now evil. This place looks like in the old time the where people stared to travel to America and people believed in all these legends. The setting is mostly the forest of a made up place. 3. Give a short description of the 2-3 most important characters. The main first character of this story is Eragon a 15 year old farmer in Carvahall, named for the very first Dragon Rider. He finds a dragon egg while hunting in the local mountain and trains his dragon in secret. When the Ra’zac attack and kill his family looking for Saphira, he takes to training with Brom and grows into a man while chasing down the Ra’zac. He is very prone to overreaction and anger over injustices and must learn to control the gifts he’s been given by his teachers. The second main character is Ra’zac this character is the evil one who killed eragons family and is trying to take away the dragojn or kill the dragon. And the main character is The dragon found in the Spine by Eragon, Saphira was born of an egg stolen by the Varden from the wicked king and kept hidden until Eragon found and raised her. Her wisdom is paramount to Eragon’s growth and via telepathy, she communicates with Eragon, a link created when they first touched. Ironically, her name is the same as Brom’s dragon before she was killed. The two become close friends and confidants in their journies.
4.What gender is your book?
The gender of my book is adventure. Because all the things that eragon does to save his egg. Also because most of the things he does in this book is that erago is training to be a good dragon raider and he has to train and hide from people who try to take away the egg. The most exciting part why I thought it was an adventure was when the egg opened and it turned out to be a Dragon. 5. What was the main conflict of the story? The main conflict would be the Eragon is the only one who was a dragon and the evil powerful person like Ra’zac wants to take it away from him to kill him and he also killed his family. Which creates a big conflict. 6. Briefly describe two interesting events from the book. One of most interesting parts was when eragon finally knew that he had blood of a dragon rider. He also found out that his name means dragon rider and that there was only one dragon according to the people and that dragon was his destiny and eragon just stays with his mouth open surprised because he thought that finding the egg was a mistake. The other most interesting part was when he faces and fights people who try to kill his dragon because people don’t like the fact that he’s the only one who has a dragon and he knows how to fight because of all the training he had with his master. 7.what was your favorite park of the book? Why? When eragon gets traped and the evil people think that they are finally going to win becaue the dragon is caged up but what they didn’t know is that the dragon learned how to spit and shoot flames because he is a dragon. This part is the best also because this is the part where eragon finds out that this girl he has been knowing over a year likes him and they kiss. This part is pretty fun because not every person in the world finds true love like they did and managed to get out of the evil cave of Ra’zac. 8.How does the book end? I haven’t ended the book because it has 700 something pages I’m burly on pages