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Jeremiah Coleman

When we received the $6000 gift package, we started planning on where we should go. Hawaii is my dream vacation, because I hear so many good things about Hawaii. We heard about it through a TV commercial, so we decided that this is where we should go for vacation. I booked the flight through Expedia, the package included the flights + the hotel which will cost ($2231.80 total). When we get there we will need a taxi to get us from the airport to the hotel, then vise versa which is ($42.52 per time). While I am there with my wife we will be surfing and touring the island. The places that we will see are the volcanoes, the reefs, the Arizona Memorial and Pearl Harbor which is ($82.87 per person), the Night Orbs Of Oahu Ghost Tour which is ($59.00 per person), and the Honolulu Haunts Walking Tour which is ($39.00 per person), Shark Adventure with Diving Cage ($73.30 per person), and on the last day a Discover Hidden Oahu Helicopter Tour ($232.33 per person). We will spend at least a $300 per day there on food and shopping for four days. The total cost for this vacation is $5142.52, including a $1000.00 emergency fund just in case anything is to happen. Since they gave us $6000 to spend and we will only be spending $5142.52 we have to give back the change of $857.48. Jeremiah Coleman
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Paul Klee
When Klee was a teenager he wasn't as interested in music as his parents were, he had a passion for Art. He began studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich in 1898. He started developing signature techniques, including drawing with a needle on a blackened pane of glass by 1905. Between 1903 and 1905, he completed a set of etchings In 1906, called Inventions that would be his first exhibited works. Klee married Bavarian pianist Lily Stumpf. They had a son named Felix Paul. Klee’s artwork progressed slowly for the next five years. He had his first solo exhibition in Bern in 1910 which then traveled to three Swiss cities.

Klee met an art critic Alfred Kuban in January 1911, who later on introduced him to artists and critics. That winter, Klee joined the editorial team of the journal Der Blaue Reiter, co-founded by Franz Marc and