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Is your privacy as well protected as you think?
Mykah Waldow
English Composition 11

Is your privacy as well protected as you think?

Ever thought if you still have the same privacy as you did ten years ago? After talking with some friends and peers on their views on privacy, I have come to realize that my privacy isn’t as private as I would like it to be. From Facebook to buying items online, some of my personal business and financial business is being opened up to more people that I would prefer. And I am sharing these things willingly to others without really being aware of what I am doing. With any social site, such as Facebook, we all share what we are doing every day. From moods to what we are eating for dinner. Facebook has now started putting where you are located when you post these things on their site. So now your whole friends list and maybe more know exactly where you are at. Also posting statuses when you are happy or angry, may not seem such a bad thing, but after hearing a few people’s stories on it you might think otherwise. Ever hear anyone say ‘Facebook is nothing but drama?’ I now know why a lot of people have been saying it. When sharing your feelings or moods or even opinions on Facebook you are going to get someone to disagree with you and it causes an argument or fight. I have had that happen quite a few times. I see it happening all over my newsfeed constantly. Putting your feelings or pictures or anything of the sort on a site where everyone can see it may not be the best way to keep your personal or social business as private as you would like. I’ve seen where one person could see where you post something and it led back to someone else by word of mouth. Without you ever meaning to share that post with that many people. And then I’ve seen the poster complain that they never meant for that one specific person to know their business. They hated that their privacy was invaded but put their business out there willingly. I have heard once where someone even posted a status talking about their boss on Facebook. What they posted wasn’t very nice either. Well the girl never meant for her boss to see the status or for anyone to tell him, but I’m guessing she forget he was a ‘friend’ on her Facebook and he saw what she had posted. (I agree it wasn’t very smart of her.) The boss then commented on her status saying his point on what she had written then proceeded to tell the girl she was fired and could come in the next day to clean out her desk. Posting your private opinions on a social website is most likely not going to keep those opinions private. There are also game apps on Facebook and your phone that ask if they can use your location before downloading the app. I have seen that same question pop up on my phone every time I download a new game out of my app store. I have always hit the yes but and have never given it a second thought until now. Why does a game app need to know my location? Does it make a difference to the game somehow? When at work, do you use…