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Conservation Versus Preservation

September 8, 2013
Mr. Phillips

Conservation Versus Preservation Being conservation it is very important that we the people help our environment and the wildlife to be safe and clean. I have learned from the video that the “Bridger Teton” (Science, 2011) land which is a forest that has oil as well as ores that could stop United States depending on oil from other countries. This forest has the amount of 3.4 million in the acres; this means it is a large amount of 5, 300 miles that has not been touched by the government or people that want to harm the forest in general sitting in the state of Wyoming. But there still a huge amount of land that can be used for the environment friendly as well as to get the natural sources and to keep the land and wildlife safe. The use in the four steps in the environmental risk assessment the “Bridger Teton” (Science, 2011) the forest will be used to get the sources that will not hurt the forest or the wildlife. Looking at the damage that can be done when miners mine in the forest, this will show the affect that might happen to the people, wildlife and plants in the begin. Seeing the effects they can see how someone or something will be affected. The water system may be effected when this happens then the steps will be enforced to try to clean the water system. It’s very important to keep the environment safe for everything and everyone to be able to live, but the government cannot do this without using the forest land and its resources. People wanting oil and the coal has it in high demand. This is because of the technological and for the environment friendly is caused damage to the earth. The risk of this will make the earth suffer, this reason why the assessment and protocol are effective in some of the world. But if we could control the dangers then we could make the world a better