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My program to motivate people is going to be geared towards my boyfriends’ now seven year old son. The goal that we will attempt to meet is to keep all grades above a B-. My program is going to be based on extrinsic motivation. His son managed last year to bring his grades up from d’s and f’s to c’s and b’s; however, this year he will be at a whole new school so we will try something to help him stay focused. The plan is for every A or A- he brings home he gets ten dollars and for every B+, B, or B- he brings home he gets five dollars. The plan also includes that if he brings home any kind of C, D, or F, he does not get any money for any of it. Only the core classes count and if he were to receive straight A’s, he would receive fifty dollars. We are hoping that by giving him this kind of a motivational pusher, he will be more apt to want to do well. My mom did this with me as I was growing up and I always managed to do rather well. We also hope that by giving him some form of motivation like this, he will also learn the value of money. In the past he has not always been the best person at showing he is thankful or even saying thank you to us when we have done nice things for him. He does not seem to understand the value of money. Therefore, we will present him with the money, if he has earned it, and tell him that if he wants something, he is going to have to buy it with the money he has. We hope that he will not only be more motivated to do well in school so that he can…