Julius Caesar Quotes

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Madison Pallett 12-7-12
CEII-III Julius Caesar

The famous play written by William Shakespeare, Julius Caesar, has numerous meaningful quotes. But, the quote that stood out the most for me was "Not that I loved Caesar less, but that I loved Rome more.” I fully understood this quote in seconds, it has a lot of meaning also, more then any other quote in the play in my perspective. I believe Shakespeare, is the only writer that writes memorable lines. He is an incredible writer and knows how to communicate with his audience.
Brutus had said this famous quote to the city of Rome, after Caesar's assassination, trying to explain why he and others “betrayed” Caesar. After Brutus had said this line, the citizens started to realize that Brutus really did care about their well being. Brutus had also pointed out that yes he did love Caesar, he was one of his good friends, but he was a true roman and cared more for his city. So in other words Brutus would kill anyone who would bring harm to Rome. Because, he had so much pride he would do anything for Rome and it's people.
When I started to think about this quote and how it could be used in contemporary I thought of a solider. A solider will go to war and leave their family behind whether they have a wife, children, parents, siblings yes the person loves them but, they also love their country. The love for their country will make them leave their families. Just as the Brutus had love for Rome he would kill Julius. This is one thing I thought of when I started analyzing this quote.
Another good contemporary way of seeing this quote would be a politician or governor, maybe they are