My Personal Philosophy Essay

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Religion is everywhere, it is in our homes, it is in our schools, and it is in our community. Living in the South, it is hard to meet someone who is “unaffiliated” with any religious group, but they are everywhere. “One in four young adults choose 'unaffiliated' when asked about their religion...” You would think growing up in the home of an ordained minister I would be extremely religious, but I am actually quite the opposite, I am one of the “unaffiliated.” My father, a deacon, raised me to believe in whatever I want to believe. Being a leader in the church, he was exposed to many hypocrites. Hypocritical meaning the people that get blacked out drunk on Saturday night and come to church on Sunday morning asking for forgiveness, and then doing it over again the next weekend. The people that praise the God who does not judge, although they judge anyone who is different. I think being judgmental is wrong, we all do it, we’re human, but no one should claim to “love everyone.” For example, my grandmother is extremely religious. She was raised in the 1930’s and believes that we should not judge one another and help people reach God anyway we can, and then she will turn around and say that a gay man will go to hell and the way he lives his life is a sin. Although the bible says this is true, it is not her place to judge him, he wouldn’t tell her that what she believes in is wrong just because he doesn’t believe in it. I believe the generation my grandmother was raised in molded her beliefs. Growing up in the 30’s, living in the deep south, this writer believes God was everyone’s main priority. I have lived many different places and met people as exotic as the places I have been. I lived on an island, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, for a large portion of my life. The island was not a large one, so everyone knew each other. Each individual that lived there came from all different walks of life. I met people who praised Muhammad instead of God, people that believed in action and reaction instead of “divine intervention,” I've even met Jewish people that said they were waiting to build a third temple one day. To me, those things seemed crazy, at first. After hearing more about their way of believing, it started to make more sense to me. I think freely, I see both sides of every argument, and I learn something new everyday. Having to socialize with people that believe differently than you is a difficult thing to do, it's tough to say something without insulting another persons beliefs. More likely than not, your parents share the same religious beliefs you do, unfortunately, mine don't. My father was a