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Manuel De La Torre
Eng 160W TTH 8AM

An Attempt at a First Good Impression

First of all, I have always believed that an introduction should leave a first good impression about one's personal presentation. My name is Manuel Ermilio De La Torre, a 21 year-old married young man in his fourth-year at Fresno State. Furthermore, I major in Pre-Physical Therapy with hopes of one day attending Physical Therapy School in California. This journey in my life has been nothing but twists and turns. I've strived for success but the road towards it has always been filled with obstacles, in which forced me to develop perseverance. Other than that, I'm from San Jose, CA, the oldest boy out of 8. All of my siblings are eight beautiful girls who I care for dearly. My parents divorced when I was 5 years old and lived with my mother up until I left for college. For entertainment, I have always enjoyed participating in sports, Mainly, football, basketball, soccer, and track&field were the activities I joined in and excelled. At the age of 21, my focusing sports has faded but my involvement is there for the sake of my health. In terms of my physical activity, my satisfaction from it has always been familiar with the life style I carry today. Moreover, my perspective on life has always been positive and optimistic through all the highs and lows. Next, the most favorable memory that I'm fond of is the day of my wedding. I can't recall any other day in my life where I felt so may emotions simultaneously. Specifically the moment where I read my vows, I was sweating bullets like I was ready to get my bride to be and leave! After a few moments, i collected myself and witnessed the beauty of togetherness in the union of a new family. For example, seeing my family happy and in-laws getting along with them was a comforting reaction from them. Also, seeing friends that have witnessed the trials that I have been through with my wife produced many feelings of joy and accomplishment. Furthermore, marriage is a beautiful thing that takes acts of kindness and compromising with demonstration of great humility. Today, my wife and i are one year into the commitment we decided to make. Being young and married throws one into a series of tribulations that takes two to make it work. Another key point in my explanation of who I am and where I come from are my influences. In detail, my mother has played a huge role on the reason I've made it this far in life. In fact, I've never been a fan of school but she always reminded of the bigger picture in the schematics of handwork. My mother always talked about