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This is my story I hope you enjoy it
Perhaps you can get an idea from these links.


On-Line Biology Book

How You Rot & Rust

Excellent Biology Links:

Biology Websites

Bio 275 molecular animations

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BioEssays was founded in December 1984 by Editor-in-Chief William J. Whelan under the auspices of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, one of the component units of the International Council of Scientific Units (ICSU). The founding editor of BioEssays and John Kendrew, former President at ICSU, believed that the emerging realization that the individual disciplines of fundamental biology could unify biological science rather than fragmenting it required a monthly journal devoted to reviewing and discussing the advances in molecular biology. BioEssays was created to fulfill that necessity. Adam S. Wilkins replaced William J. Whelan as Editor in January 1990. Originally published by ICSU Press (Oxford) and The Company of Biologists, BioEssays began publishing under John Wiley & Sons in January 1998.
As Adam S. Wilkins retired in August 2008, BioEssays moved from Cambridge (United Kingdom) to the Wiley–VCH office in Weinheim (Germany), and Andrew Moore took over the Editor-in-Chief position. The journal was re-designed, in stages, thereafter: changes included a significant revamp of the journal’s rubrics, new sections and a color-coded graphical layout, and a larger involvement of the Editorial Board in commissioning and determining the journal’s content.
BioEssays’ slogan—“Ideas that Push the Boundaries”—reflects the involvement of the journal in publishing hypotheses, ideas and speculations that foster discussion.
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Hypotheses: Essays putting forth a novel hypothesis that is credibly supported by published data.
Ideas & Speculations: Presentation of an idea, speculative concept, or prospects on a very recent development or emerging area of research.