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How I Met My Husband by Deonna Sneed
ello, my name is Joy Opera and i'm going to tell you a story about how ii met

my husband. So i was head back to class i seen a poster that said ~ Ms.Carroll is looking for 12 students to play basketball for the lincoln heights if you want to tryout, meet me in the gym at 2:30 ps please bring shorts and a tshirt with sneakers good luck!~.but as i walk pass I seen a boy who was just standing there looking at theball.
”are you ok” said joy.
“no,you can't help me you're just a girl” replied aiden.
“well maybe if i knew your problem than i could assist you to someone i know that can help you “ said joy.
“well,i wanna play basketball but its just that i don't know how “ aiden said frustrated. I started laughing really hard because I knew how to play basketball and that i can teach him a few things.So i had Gave him an article that he could read to be fit and be healthy i thought that it could help him out alot.B ut i was on my way to class.i just couldnt stop thinking about how i was going to teach teacher was just telling us about the difference of helping someone and giving the answers to someone.
“hey jaden” i said
“its aiden” he said with stress
“well its gym time did you bring your stuff because we are going to do a lot of work”i said
“yea i did but this is not going to work in one day”aiden said with a somber expression “or maybe never”aiden said
“hey dont think that you know what meet me at the rec at 3 sharp no later” i said with excitment So we go into the gym we had did some dribbling excerices and things and we had did some passing drills.Aiden