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No New Friends

I have been alive for many years, to be approximate eighteen. I have learned a lot in my older years but it was my youngest years when I think I learned one of the most important things. At the age of three I learned that you cant trust anyone but yourself. To understand this you have to understand a little bit about me. Some people are born with easy lives and everything they want and need handed to them, but not me. I had a troubled home to say the least. My father always worked, sometimes 12-hour shifts, only to come home with a check of minimum wage earnings. My parents never really, I mean really had a house; we always lived with, my grandparents. My mother on the other hand, I never really knew her. The only things I did know was that she was a drug addict in the day time and a prostitute by night. My mother and father were always fighting until night came and she would disappear. One day she had to work and she decided to take me with her, I was only three and didn’t know any better, let alone what was going on. She left me outside and finally after four hours she called my father to come and pick me up. He was furious and decided that she needed to go. Yes, I know what you are thinking She had to go so that means she didn’t leave you, she was pulled out of your life, right? HELL NO!!! The reason I said she left is because there was a court hearing for custody and she did not even show up. I waited everyday for her to come