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Bachelor of Science in Accountacy
General de Jesus College
Poblacion, San Isidro, Nueva Ecija

Narrative Report
In partial fulfillment of Internship under GM Bank of Luzon Inc., San Isidro Branch by Sarah Jane G. Cucio presented to Jeffrey Franco, CPA

March 30, 2011
The 40 days I have spent in GM Bank of Luzon was lavishly full of hilarious, crazy, yet fruitfull moments. But my favorite part had occured on my earlier days in the Bank. It was then the most exhauting part. I'm pertaining to the task given by Ms. Joy. She asked me to record their transactions(per branch) starting Jan, 2011 onwards to revised their usual way of recording in the books due to merger. The exciting part is that I needed their proof
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Some of my obsevations would include stuff regarding their workplace, 'habits' and relationship with their co-employees. I have noticed from the very first day that the Bank kept that 'closeness' within their workplace. They managed to have a sort of a light, blissful ambiance that could relieve stress while doing their own thing. That being said ensued in the Accounting Department, at least where we were assigned. Jokes and usual talkings were just usual indeed, yet all seemed professional when it comes in doing their respective task.

I was also able to gain an idea on how their department operated for a single day; have appreciated further the 'ever dramatic' Bank Reconciliatiion; learned and did personally how to trace or vouch to check the existence and correctness of a transaction and accounts; and saw how important those internal controls are like transaction authorization..etc,. And not only those but i handled to stay put, be attentive and have myself open for learnings and those kind of boost my confidence .
The purpose of this modest work is intended to serve as an accomplishment report in pursuit of my fulfillment as an apprentice in GM Bank of Luzon Inc., San Isidro Branch. The paper covered all the activities performed in the apprenticeship, some exceptional, memorable experience, learnings and personal observations, as well as my own genuine relish