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In Chapter 10 of "Still Missing" by Chevy Stevens, Annie takes a big step in getting back to being herself and not relying on her set schedule that The Freak had her on. She had gotten up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom instead of waiting till the morning when she was allowed to go to the bathroom while in captivity. She thinks as this step a step closer to her finding herself again. This chapter is also important because after months of being kept inside without seeing daylight nor breathing clean air, he FINALLY asks her to come outside to help him with the deer. She is excited clearly, but then shocked why he is letting her outside. As she gets outside he asks her to help him with the skinning of the deer, while doing that he asks her if she's ever killed. She thinks he's asking if she's ever been hunting, she says no, but he then questions her about it, when she says she's never killed he calls her a liar. She then goes on to tell him a story how she had hit a cat with her car and felt guilty about it. She then asks him if he has ever killed, he tells her that is a brave question and he then explained how he had killed his father while his mother was dying, he also went on about how he treated her better than his father did. At the end of the chapter she asks if she can wash up and he shoots her down because it isn't bath time, indication of the routine he has set for her.

Between pages 202-205 in "Stolen" by Lucy Christopher, this is the night after…