Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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The student I will be working with is a student who is below grade in reading. He is in 2nd grade reading at a kindergarten grade level. He has not been diagnosed with any sort of intellectual disability, my teacher however does believe he has Dyslexia based on what he’s struggling with and how. She also said he’s the lowest reader she’s ever had for anyone who has been flagged for any type of disability or is in Special Ed.
Firstly, they started AR (Accelerated Reader) the 3rd week of school and he is still on the same level that he started on. All of the other students in the class have since moved up at least one level. He’s on 0.8, which means the 8th month of kindergarten. He needs one more score of an 80 or higher on an AR quiz to move up a level. There are other students in the class who are almost on a 4th grade reading level. He’s also only read 5 books since AR started about a month ago. AR is usually 45 minutes each day of the week. Both times that he got a 100 on his AR quizzes were after I worked individually with him.
His file from 1st grade, his first year in the
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He’s struggling with answering questions about the text. He has to read the text a few times before he’s able to correctly answer questions about it. His confidence is so low that I think that is to his adding to his struggles. He doesn’t think he can do it so therefor he can’t do it. Other students are judging him and I believe that’s really deterring him. During class reads, the student doesn’t interact nor engage with his classmates and teacher. He doesn’t raise his hand to ask questions. He is often looking over his shoulder at the person next to him to see what he should be doing. When doing group work, he often relies on his partner or others in the group to help him. Guided reading and reading groups within the class haven’t started yet, I’ve only seen independent reading and class reading so