Nt1310 Unit 2 Assignment

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M has two reassuring support networks during the stay in Australia: one is her most mother and the other is the librarian who was working at the elementary school. When two weeks passed since she arrived there, she could tell her honest feelings to N.

(I finally decided to talk my host mother about the troubles when I could not deal with it alone anymore. I talked it over in English, in my poor English. Then, she understood my situation and she gave me many warm words: “You were right to tell me about it” and “I do not think you did something wrong.” She was on my side. Her attitude helped me significantly.)

She met L, who was one of the librarians at the elementary school, about a week after she confided her situation to N. L offered her to go to the zoo because L had been to Japan before and L had
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She looked very surprised… “I am very shocked that you are not having fun here much,” She said. “You do not have to keep working with the Japanese teacher if you are in such a tough situation. You can just come to the library,” She continued. That is why I decided to stay at the library and go to the classes which she was interested …show more content…
Because she did not want to make a cause of concern for her parents, she never told them about her unhappiness and homesickness. While calling them, she introduced her host mother though the video chat app. Meanwhile, when she called her Japanese friend, she spoke honestly only about her unhappiness. In other words, she told her friends not about that she wanted to go back to Japan but she was hurt mentally because of the trouble to get along with the Japanese teacher. She thought that telling about her homesickness made her friend worry considerably. Instead of talk it over on the phone, she had authentic