Nt1310 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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from university as well as rugby commitments would have been too great. Having completing the first year of his Law degree John found that he had time to begin playing rugby again for a local club. John however realised that due to his lack of income and sports equipment i.e. Rugby boots he couldn’t play. Johns shopping behaviour would involve high involvement, as he wanted best rugby boots suited to his playing style but also affordable due to his current financial situation. John enjoys social media such as Facebook and Instagram in his spare time and is a member of the Auckland swaps and trades page on Facebook.
Wiremu Hakaraia - Individuals whom has sports gear (potential Provider and User of Sneaker Swap) :
Wiremu is 25 years of age and of Maori and European decent and is currently working in a full-time role as a labourer
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Wiremu’s daily activities involve working an 8 till 5 job, after which he goes home for dinner with his parents, then goes to rugby training and then socialises with his mates on Facebook. Wiremu is Dieting to stay at his peak for his rugby team and development programmes. Wiremu is an only child however is very close to his extended family both on his mother and fathers side. Wiremu comes from a family where a high value for sporting achievements is held high within the family and a competitive nature is easily found amongst the family. Wiremu is a talented rugby player whom has been involved with developmental programmes which helps rugby players reach their full potential. Wiremu has always been raised to give to those less fortunate than you, Wiremu was taught from a young age to help out in the community through volunteering where he could. Wiremu’s financial situation allows for him spend money freely as he still lives with his parents and