Nt1330 Unit 3 Assignment 1

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In this assignment I will be creating a server that will have RDS, which can use a mobile application to access the server. The purpose of the mobile application is to allow all stakeholders instinct contact to a remote session using their phone. The mobile application will help the organization to be able to use their phone to remote into the organization network without using a laptop. This will allow employee who are at the beach or vacationing to be able to have a remote session on their phones. The mobile application will provide efficient access into a remote session from their phone from any location.
Organization: The mobile application will provide immediate access to every user in the organizations via phone which is available to all users. The mobile application will also allow user with the ability to access their work files, emails and applications they need to do their job.
Planning: The Enterprise Resource Planning; ERP; is designed to manage users to access all their files, emails profiles from their phones. This will give the user the ability to be able to work from their phone without carrying laptops.
Total Cost: The total expenses to build the RDS with could be used with the mobile application is $40,000. The
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Majority of organization data are stored in a server which might be on the Cloud platform. The mobile application is now in demand in large organization, so they can access their work through an App using their mobile phone. The feasibility resource is required prior to processing with the development of the mobile application. The resource will be geared toward building the RDS server which will be used to launch the mobile application and the process of creating the server the web services within the current system. The resource provided regarding the technical aspect will include the application type, the operating system, and the web services for current/future