Nursing and Nursing Assistants Essay

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Chapter 1 notes
Describe Health care Settings
- Skilled care: medically necessary care. 24 hrs daily. Ordered by a doctor. -nurse -therapist (PT (physical therapist), OT (Occupational therapist), ST(speech therapist))

- Chronic: conditions last a long period of time
-Long term care facilities: -nursing homes -nursing facilities -skilled nursing facilities -extended care facilities
-Assisted Living - more independant -don’t need skilled care -more homey -larger rooms, kitchenettes
-Terminally ill, six months or less to live -(some live longer than six months)

Resident’s room = Resident’s home
Developmental Disabilities: longest in facilities, still called residents. -Shortened DD, not called Mental Retardation anymore

Section 3
- CMS: runs medicare and medicaid. They help pay for healthcare and insurance.
-Medicare: covers people 65 years or older, disabled people, or the ill who cannot work. -a: helps pay for care in hospitals or skilled nurses -b: helps pay for Doctor’s services and equipment -c: allows private health insurance to provide Medicare benefits -d: helps pay for medications prescribed for treatment - only needs necessary, and based on the need upon admission
-Medicaid: medical assistance program for low-income people. - must be qualified for this program -eligibility is determined by income and special circumstances
People can get both medicare and medicaid.
Describe the residents for whom you will care.
-Make sure you know how to care for the residents specific needs, illness, and preferences.
-Length of Stay: the number of days a person stays in a healthcare facility.
-Dementia: the loss of mental abilities such as thinking, remembering, listening, and communicating. Care about the whole person not just the illness or disease.
Describe nursing assistants role
- Nursing assistants provide nurse tasks and daily living tasks and activities.
-Some of these tasks include: -bathing residents -bedmaking -serving trays and feeding residents -helping dress and undress -back rubs -mouth care, etc
-Nursing assistants are not allowed to give medication, insert/remove tubes, give feeding tubes, and change sterile dressing.

-Nursing assistants have different titles -nurse aid -patient care attendant -healthcare attendant -patient care technician -personal care assistant
-Professionalism:behaving properly in a work environment
-Ways to be professional: -Dress appropriately, clothes neat and clean -Speak well, don’t swear -Keep confidentiality -Always be on time, or call in in a timely matter -Never leave early -Avoid alcohol, drugs, and cigarettes -Stay positive -Have respect -Report all problems or concerns
List qualities that nursing assistants must have
-Patient & Understanding: calm and not to complain
-Honest & Trustworthy: tell the truth to authority, keep confidentiality.
-Conscientious: be alert, observant, accurate, and responsible
-Enthusiastic: be positive about other peoples problems.
-Courteous & Respectful: be kind, polite and considerate.
-Empathetic: Care about others problems, put yourself in their shoes
-Dependable & Responsible: follow policies and procedures, avoid absences
-Humble & Open to growth: If you make a mistake hold yourself accountable.
-Tolerant: don’t hate
-Unprejudiced:regardless of who they are, give them proper care
Explain the Five Rights of Delegation
-Delegation: transferring authority to a person for a specific task. *The