Nursing Career Research Paper

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Twenty-five years ago, I have dreamed of becoming a nurse. I grew up in a family and friends without any nurse. Back then, I never met a male nurse and I was hesitant if I can ever be a nurse. Growing up , my parents were always busy making ends meet. During my high school years, my Alma Mater was not providing help to students to find colleges and choose the right career. My sister and the people that I knew all went to Devry. So I ended up going to Devry and graduated with Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering.

In 1998, I married my wife who is a nurse. I found out that there are male nurses and in fact our close friend couple is both nurses. A year after, my father went home to the Philippines to attend his sister's funeral. Unluckily, he got sick and was hospitalized. I then went home to the Philippines and while I was in the hospital, I have thought of would be nice if I was a nurse, so I could understand what was going on with my dad. Unfortunately, my father died due to Brain Aneurysm.
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My wife helped my mom's good recovery. Again, I have thought of would be nice if I was a nurse so I could properly take care of my mom.

My wife is a nurse at Hines VA, It always amazes me every time she shares how she enjoys her job taking care of patients. My youngest kid is a freshman in High School! Currently, I don't have a job and I think that I will be able to focus on my studies. I would like to be given a chance to get accepted at Chamberlain School of Nursing and pursue my dream to be a nurse. I will be the first nurse in my family if God permits. Nursing is a noble profession. I will be proud to be a part of