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There are ethical principles involved in nursing research and three of these are beneficence, respect for human dignity and justice. Beneficence is action that is done for the benefit of others in nursing research all effort must be done by the researcher to avoid harming the participant. Thus human being need to be protected at all times during studies even though it is for their benefit safety comes first, and therefore if there is any sign or symptoms of discomfort of participant the study should not continue.
Human being should be treated with respect and dignity at all times the act of bribery / coercing is absolutely immoral. Participant must be provided with the full disclosure of the study and must have his / her own decision or free will to take part in study.
Justice for one justice for all everyone is entitled to be treated fairly without regards to where they fall in the socio-economic spectrum. “Distributed justice also imposes duties to neither neglect nor discriminate against individuals or groups who may benefit form research” (Polit & Beck, p. 155). Justice must be equally guaranteed to all participants.
Research involve risks which should be at the minimal participant information must be kept private at all times for example, it would be unethical to disclose a participant diagnosis and as a result he / she would be excluded from taking part in any federal assistance program. Secondly, researchers must not only look at the physical risk, but