Nutrition Report Essay

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We are required to obtain certain amount of nutrients from food. Food can simply divide into 2 groups, macro-nutrients and micro-nutrients composition. Both of the groups mentioned do affect the metabolism rate. According to Hulbert and Else, dietary fatty acid will affect the metabolism rate and some of the polyunsaturated fatty acid will increase the metabolism rate (1999). Meanwhile, different kinds of animals have their own unique requirement for macro-nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fat. Moreover, most of the food intake is driven by achieving the required protein intake. Animals on a low protein diet will over eat carbohydrates and fat until the protein requirement has been satisfied. If this case
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To solve the gross rate of change oxygen concentration in the cuvette, we have to use the oxygen concentration which measured at the first time minus the oxygen concentration which measured at the last time to find out the changes of oxygen concentration and then divide by the time between first and last measurement in hour. In this experiment, we found that the gross rate of change oxygen concentration of high and low energy intake Artemia in 25℃ 125.4μmol/L/hr and 116.7μmol/L/hr in order. Figure 1 shows the difference of chage oxygen consumption between high and low energy intake Artemia.
Fig. 1
Also, the average velocities of the Artemia which under 2 different treatments can be calculated by add up the speed of the Artemia and divided by the number of replicates you have did. The result of this experiment has shown in table 1 and figure 2. The average velocity of high energy intake Artemia is 27.93ms-1 while the velocity of low energy intake Artemia is 16.63ms-1.

According to the results from the experiments, we discovered that the oxygen consumption and activity levels of low energy intake Artemia is lower than the high energy intake Artemia. This proves that different energy diet will affect the oxygen consumption and will decrease theactivity level of that animal. These experiments have proved that our prediction is the same as the result. As we know that low energy diet will reduce the metabolic