Observation Study of Starbucks Coffee Essay

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Coffee drinkers all have one thing in common; they want their coffee made to their specification. Most soft drinks, milkshakes, and draft beer are ready made. Coffee has many flavors and that can be an operational nightmare. Starbucks has 10 different types of coffee beans, 12 blends of flavors and loads of special toppings.
How can the Starbucks operations be consistent with so many variations? My observation will evaluate the Starbucks' processing time. The objective problem statement is "It takes too long to get a flavored cup of Latte from Starbucks."
The selection of a theme is to produce the best cup coffee while the customer waits a minimum time. Starbucks has a great deal of competition in the coffee business. Starbucks is
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The beverage station is where the customers will grind their beans. Every store must make sure the Beverage station is in eyesight of the register, in order to help customers not familiar with the process of grinding coffee beans.
Worldwide training will be offered so that the partners will know how to handle the customers when needed. Two additional grinders per store will be allocated for the customer's use. When the store is not busy, the clerk will have a grinder next to the digital brewer for more efficient service.
The new procedure of the customer's grinding their own coffee beans will be measured through customer surveys and measuring the new average wait time with the old average wait time. Before customers were waiting over 10 minutes for a cup of Latte. With the new process of customers grinding their own coffee beans and coming to the counter with their beans already grounded – the customer's wait time averaged between 7 to 8 minutes. Customers are happier, customers are more educated on the process of producing fresh coffee and the customers are buying more retail products because of their knowledge of learning how to grind their own coffee beans. This new procedure is a win-win for Starbucks Coffee, Starbucks partners and Starbucks customers as everyone has shared his or her knowledge and communicated the needs for a growing community.

Flow Diagram:

1. Are the beans grinded?
2. Are the beans grinded for