Essay on Of Mice and Men and Lennie

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Activity for Of Mice and Men
IA 2012-13

Complete the following in preparation for Of Mice and Men:

1. How do George and Lenny complement each other?
George and Lenny complement each other because Lenny is not very intelligent but very strong and George is smart but small.
2. Lennie is often described through the qualities of animals. Why?
Lennie is often compared to animals because he is more like an animal mentally and physically.
3. Name two characters that are lonely and explain why each is lonely and how he/she deals with the loneliness?
Two characters that are lonely are Curlys wife and Crooks. Curlys wife is lonely because she doesn’t love her husband and has to stay in the house all the time. Crook’s is lonely because he is black and segregated.
4. What do you think is Steinbeck’s comment on friendship? Explain.
Steinbeck’s comment on friendship is that it is till the very end. Lennie was friends with George till he had to shoot him.
5. Lennie’s puppy is one of several symbols that represent the victory of the strong over the weak. Lennie, accidentally, unaware of his own strength, kills the puppy, as he has killed many mice before. How is Lennie like this puppy?
Lennie is like a puppy because he doesn’t know his own strength and easily kills small things by accident.
6. Why would Steinbeck use a line from the poem “To a Mouse” as the title of this novel? Explain.
To mouse is used as the title for the novel because in the story the