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Each organisation is required to have an Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) policy and be committed to achieving high standards of health and safety in the workplace. The key elements to ensuring a safe workplace include consultation, training, the application of risk management process Consultation Occupational health and safety legislation requires that there be on going consultation and cooperation between employers and employees. Consultation is a key element of the OHS process and requires two way exchange of information regarding OHS issues between managers and workers.
The Purpose of the OHS Act
The Occupational Health and Safety act is designed to safeguard the health, safety and welfare of employees, employers and anyone else against the potential risks or hazards that might occur at the workplace. The act would be reinforced through legislation, policies, procedures and activities.
Main responsibilities of an employer
The main responsibilities for employers are as follows under section 8(1) of the OHS Act 2000 it can be understood that all employers are to provide a safe and suitable working premise with adequate facilities for all their employees. All equipment and materials required for use are to be properly maintained with sufficient correct tools deployed to every employee. Proper training by qualified instructors has to be given to all employees and a standard working procedure and supervision has to be given to employees, so has to allow them to identify any potential hazards before they happen. (OHS Act 2000, 2000)
Employers are also not allowed to make employees pay for any training courses required by them to carry out work safely. Have time or pay deducted due to commitments of being an OHS spokesperson or on the OHS commission team or be dismissed or demotion due to highlighting any health or safety issues. (Safety at Work – Your responsibilities as an employer, 2008)
Employers have a variety of obligations in relation to the working environment. They must provide sufficient working space to allow people to work safely and ensure that the floors are constructed and maintained to minimise the possibility of slips