Essay on Old Age and High Concentration

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This map depicts a high concentration of the percentage of the population over the age of 65 in the Northeast United States. This spatial pattern could occur due to many contributing factors, one such being retirement and lifespan. As modern medicine progresses, people are able to live longer, even under workplace induced stress. If they survive this stress and then are able to retire, many of these retirees choose to move out to the Northeast, because it is a beautiful place on or close to the Atlantic ocean.

Some states have high percentages while others have low, again, due to retirement. The states with low percentages are not as ideal of places for retirement as the places with the higher percentages. Older people move to places where they can relax and be around friends and family, and choose nicer places to do so. For example, Florida has such a high percentage of the population being over 65 years old because it is an ideal place for old people. It’s hot and surrounded by ocean and beaches, and the perfect place to relax after working your entire life.

Having a high concentration of elderly people in a state provides many benefits and challenges to that particular state. It may provide benefits such as having more people to pay taxes and provide money for the business in that state, but it may also prove to provide challenges such as worrying and funding the health and medical bills of the elderly.

This information might be used by government officials to…