Old Age and Technology Essay

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What make people happy and comfortable? What create convenience to make our life easier? Although there is no precise answer to that question, it is especially true that technology is one of the answers. “Technology represents man’s attempt to make life easier.” (Edward, 2000, p194) Many modern technologies have had an enormous influence on society, providing important solution to global problems. Moreover, it has improved many aspects of our lives. Technology plays important role in three fields of our society: Robot, Computer, and Medical industry.

First of all, technology is necessary to produce an innovative robot. The robot industry is entering a period of rapid growth recently. For example, it is expected that it may become a helper for the elderly and disabled people. Especially developed countries are trying to cope with the aging of its population. According to the Richardson (2007), the U.S and Japanese population is rapidly aging. After 45years later in the U.S, people who are 65 or over years old account for 20% of the population. On the other hand, it is estimated that 71% of the population will become 65 or over years old by the year 2050. It is a very serious problem we have to find out the solution. In Japan, it was traditional way to take care of their parents but this custom is changing. Many nurse facilities is constructing nowadays. I think that to take care of elderly and disabled people is very important thing, but it is not necessarily comfortable for them. My grandfather always says that I want to do if I can do without someone’s help. We have to think about their feeling and respect for them. In fact, most people don't want to rely on family and nurse. Then, Robot will help them to do themselves. Nurse robot is very good example. It is so gentle and smart that it helps to bathe telling which body parts you want to clean. It is important to feel that I’m doing by myself. Therefore, Robot is a great invention for human in our modern society.

Second, computer technology helps our students with doing assignments easily. In Oregon State University, assignments using Blackboard and Lab are becoming common these days. It is really an efficient way for us because it is much quicker and easier to finish than before. Furthermore, we can get so much information using it. On the other hand, it is beneficial for not only students but also teachers. They don't need to manage a mountain of papers, and it is very easy to post student’s grade, and we can see it immediately. There is another function on Blackboard. We can share classmate’s opinion and thought on it. Since we can discuss through computer networks, we don't necessarily