Online Classes vs Traditional Classes Essay examples

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Online Classes versus Traditional Classes
Technology and education has given students many choices in how they obtain their education such as online classes. There have been numerous discussions recently about the success of online learning. The success of the online classes versus traditional classes is based upon the uniqueness of each individual way of learning. Online classes and traditional classes provide flexibility, direct communication and course materials. Studies have shown that online classes can be successful and that on average most students perform better than being in a traditional classroom.
The argument of online classes and traditional classes; which is better than the other has many exceptional differences. One
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A person that enrolls in an online course should be self-motivated in order to be in an environment that requires the individual to monitor themselves and be responsible to handle the course as if it was a traditional course. (Kassop) Online courses provide the ability to be accessible at all times but the work that is required should be quality work. The students’ writing ability will enhance because this is their only form of communication. (Kassop) The professors do not expect students to procrastinate because of the accessibility but the possibility is there. The professors of these courses expect more from the online students since there are not time restraints. Online students have the ability to form small groups to relate to because the workload in online course is difficult. The workload is believed to be difficult because of the apparent reason of teaching themselves.
Traditional classes allow students social interaction which is a vital piece for many students. There is a set amount of time in a classroom setting and there is limited one on one interaction with the professor. Professors have the ability to read their students body language to assure them if the material or concept is being understood by his or her students. Traditional classes also allow students to get behind if they miss a day or an assignment. The traditional classroom allows the students to strengthen various areas of their social skills such as verbally