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Online Shopping

The things I would buy online is shoes and electronics because they are the most common things
I need. I like to shop online for those things and it comes much easier for me. I can never have too many shoes or electronics and sometimes it is needed for special occasions. So many other things I can buy online but I would prefer shoes and electronics. But you don’t necessarily have to buy these things for yourself you can also buy them as gifts for someone else. Online shopping has become easier for me to purchase anything I may need for myself. I would buy shoes because some shoes I like are not in the store. But they are always available online and there may be different styles of shoes you might like also. You can even pick what size and color you want. They would also have certain brands that might look better than what you wanted or maybe you can buy more than just one pair of shoes. I would also buy electronics because everything in your house consist of electronics. From tvs to hand held games and etc. So many things you need in your household to get by the day. Electronics is mostly known to be purchased online and it is in fact the easiest way to get things done faster. Buying the shoes and electronics have become more easier to come by than anything else. The features on the websites that would make me purchase their products would be the trends and monthly deals because they would know what captures people's attention. I can always use a money saving deal with anything for the shoes or electronics. Sometimes they may have clearance sales or 50% ­ 80% off certain items in the online store. I also have seen monthly deals because of certain holidays and other things. The sites I have chosen for my online shopping is
Just Fab and Macys because they have all the things I would purchase online. These sites are similar because they both have the items I would buy and more. There can be things I can get with deals and coupons because I would be trying to save money than to be expensive. But these sites have their differences too because of the items they sell. For instance, when online shopping at Just Fab, they just sells women and kids clothing, accessories, and etc. But their prices can be cheaper or come with deals or coupons, also. But for Macys they sells women, kids, and males clothing, accessories, and etc. But when I compare the prices then the Macys prices are more expensive than Just Fab. Some things at Macys maybe different brands than what Just Fab has. If I had to choose between two things that I would least likely buy would be magazines and sporting equipment. The reason why I wouldn’t purchase magazines is because some magazines are kind of expensive. And i don’t need magazines to read gossip on celebrities or the world because the internet can always supply those things. Whatever you read in the magazines can always be found on the internet so I feel like I don’t need to waste money. The other things I wouldn’t buy would be the sporting equipments because I like to see what I’m buying and be able to try things on. If you were to buy the wrong size or something when buying online then it might not feel right when to try it on. It would be good to buy clothes is you know our size and what kind of style you liked. Everyone have their own styles and what they would buy online but it is not really needed. Somethings like exercising machines and exercising equipment would be good to buy online but I wouldn’t buy them. It is a lot of ways you can exercise than buying sporting equipment. These are the things that I would least likely buy