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Sociological imagination
Latia Johnson
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In this assignment we are given five different social problems to pick from. The five problems include unemployment, alcoholism, drug addiction, unmarried teen pregnancy, homelessness and the impact these things have on individuals and society. We have to then discuss how these things are connected. While talking about the connection we also have to discuss the individual and social impact the problem have on society.

Sociological imagination The social problem I picked for this assignment was being unemployed and the impact of unemployment on the individual and society. I picked this topic because unemployment rates have increased to 6.20 % since July of 2014 in the United State. The average unemployment rate was 5.83 % before the 2014. With so any people unemployed there’s going to be major impacts on society as well as the people who have to live it. Being unemployed means that you’re looking for a paying job but is cannot find one. Unemployment is becoming hard on every day people. It’s affecting America at an alarming rate. People who are employed don’t understand the hardships a people who are unemployed have to deal with. Being unemployed makes it hard to not worry about things like buying food for your family, paying bills, buying school clothes and whatever else needs to be done. It’s a struggle and a hardship that people have to deal with every day. The countries unemployment rate is currently 6.20 % as of July 2014. According to economists there are four types of unemployment; structural, cyclical, frictional, and seasonal. “Structural Unemployment, one of the three types of unemployment, is associated