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Omar Osuna Escobedo
Esol 1311

Animal Rescue League of El Paso is a non-profit organization which is objective is to rescue and foster animals so that later on people can provide them with a caring home. It prevents dogs/cats from being moved to a kill shelter by providing them a temporary home. ARLEP was founded in 1995, “(it) rescues, rehabilitates and places approximately 1200-1400 dogs/cats into loving homes a year (…) We’ve had dogs/cats stay at ARL for years before they find their forever family.” (ARLEP, 2015)
On the other hand, being a nonprofit organization, as it name says, it’s likely to have problems with money. The pets they rescue need water and food which can cause income issues. Most of this organizations are likely to ask for donors, but having this huge amount of animals rescued requires time and any source of support of this type meanwhile there is a caring family that can adopt them. For example, food, cat needs, dog needs, cleaning supplies, and shelter needs. Also, we need to have in mind that many dogs/cats that are rescued may have health problems, injuries or disease.
By the way, it can be a problem that most of the people do not like to take care of a pet. In our society adopting is rarely seen and practice by people. What ARLEP is trying to achieve is to improve animal adoption by fomenting the practice of animal adoption. One of what ARLEP strategies is to make community get involved. “Each year ARL is invited to many schools. Our presentations usually are to inform the students of how to properly care for their pets, the importance of treating your pets with respect, and the importance of spaying and