Essay on Week 2 Cango Project

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CanGo is a fast growing Internet business that retails variety of products and services, ranging from books, music, and services. They are now in the process of implementing the online gaming systems to their company. When Liz, the CEO of the company, was invited to speak at the local Hudson Chamber of Commerce meeting to discuss her strategic management process that contributed to the success of CanGo, she realized that the strategic planning process of her company was haphazard and emergent. Its success has more to do with “luck” rather than deliberate strategies and planning. CanGo’s management would have to make a decision about how to institute a strategic management process in the implementation of a successful online gaming system …show more content…
She started with a generic idea and passed it along to her management team. If her managers have no idea as to what type of online gaming to investigate then how will the teams that are going to work on it going to proceed. This is a communication problem that needs to be corrected from the top-down. In general, CanGo’s entire staff has a communication problem. This will be noticed on the last part of the video wherein Clark and Ethel were discussing their doubts about the idea of adding online gaming to the company’s business. Ethel mentioned, “That online gaming meeting we had, we never we never even talked about whether or not we should.”
Warren appeared to have offended Warren and Maria when he used them as an example and wrongly mentioned their country of origin.

• Clear and concise information needs to be conveyed to everyone both upper management to the front line employees. Good ideas are not limited to upper management so having some way of getting those ideas from top to bottom and bottom to top needs to be created. Liz should learn how to communicate her vision, which is the reason for the project, how will it be successfully delivered, and what new benefits it will provide.
• After sharing her idea and her vision for adding the online gaming to CanGo, Liz’s next step should have been team reconnaissance. She should ask how her team members feel about her idea and then take the time to listen to the teams input. She should