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David: Operations Execution:
Discuss how the company/org’s operations decisions/capabilities (e.g. facilities, technology, quality processes, human resources, etc.) did and/or are supposed to support value attribute delivery. Once again, brief and specific examples may help. “Differentiation, low cost, and response can be achieved when managers make effective decisions in ten areas of operations management. They are collectively known as operations decisions. The ten decisions of OM that support missions and implement strategies follow:”
1. Goods and service design: companies choose various ways to design their product and types of services they provide. Service design is an activity of organizing and planning people, communication and material components in order to improve service quality. It is the interaction between the service provider and customers and the customers' experience. From all of our experiences and chick-fil-a, we have concluded that they must put in a lot of money and effort into their goods and service design. Their food is always delicious and their employees always keep us (the customer) happy. While this may be costing them a lot of money in training programs, it pays off in the long run because it builds a good reputation and a quality brand.
2. Quality: Chick-fil-a expects all of its stores to have the highest of quality products and services. Policies and procedures are intact and all employees are familiar with these policies and procedures