Organizational Behavior Essay

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john cho
Organization Behavior
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Career Plan Assignment Everyone has a dream they want to accomplish, a goal they want to achieve, and a career they want to attain. Reaching these may seem like an agony but you’ll never get to where you want to be unless you go through the hardships. People often have in mind that they have impossible goals due to the financial and educational backgrounds thus discouraging them to pursue their dreams and plans in life. I believe that when you have the right motivation and right mind set, you can reach the goals, which may seem to be unreachable. As a child, I always did the best that I could in everything I did, never did I give up because of failures that I am faced with but instead it made me work harder and motivated me to keep moving forward. I do believe that no career is impossible to attain when you have the right skills, character and attitude. I’m a junior in College of Business Administration and it has been a long and complicated journey for me to be where I am at today. I came into University of Wisconsin not knowing what I wanted to major in, but most importantly I didn’t know what type of career I wanted. It was a big concern for my family and I because college is expensive and it’s not getting any cheaper, so we didn’t want to waste any money on unnecessary classes. What I’ve found out so far in college is that, life is about making adjustments. My mom always wanted me to be a doctor because she thinks being a doctor is a “safe” job and it’s harder for a doctor to be fired than a banker and not to mention the salary difference. I was in some sort of agreement with her, but I also didn’t want to disappoint her, so I decided to take some science classes that were prerequisites for pre-med students. Second week into my science classes I realized science wasn’t really for me. I lost interest in all the science classes and that led to loss of motivation and confidence, which caused me to skip classes. I was lost and overwhelmed so I decided to go talk to my academic advisor and see if I can get some sort of guidance in my pitiable freshmen year. My advisor really didn’t give me the answer that I was looking for and that frustrated me even more, because I knew the classes I took were the unnecessary classes that I was talking about in the first paragraph. College is expensive and like I said in the first paragraph, it’s not getting any cheaper. Governor Corbett was trying to cut our education budget, which wasn’t helping at all. I despised the fact that I was giving my parents a financial problem because of college tuition, so I thinking of ways to help them take some burden off their shoulders. One day I was reading the PittNews to see if any jobs were hiring then I found an advertisement that expressed free tuition and it caught my attention. Army ROTC said they could offer free tuition until I graduate, so I went into their office to find out more their offer. I had a choice between getting an active duty scholarship and a reserve scholarship. Active duty scholarship means that I have to serve as an active duty officer for 6 years after I graduate from college, so Army would be my full time job. Reserve scholarship means that I have to serve as an officer in a reserve unit for 6 years, which means that I can get a regular full time job and Army would be my part time job. I decided to talk to my parents before I made my final decision. They were against the active duty scholarship, but all for the reserve scholarship, so I decided to listen to my parents and go for the reserve scholarship. Our financial problem has been solved. Still uncertain on what I wanted to major in, I decided to take my problem to my step dad and consult with him. He is an engineer for Pepco and his biased opinion told me to try engineering since engineering is a “safe” job and it also has a competitive salary. After talking with him for an extensive