Organizational Management Essay

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Complete Case Study on page 153 of textbook (Boeing). Specifically answer the two questions at the end of the case study. Select one or more diagnostic models that you believe provide a framework that succinctly identifies the key factors at the center of the Boeing situation. Explain your choice of model.
The diagnostic model that I found the most relative to the Boeing situation is the 7 –S Framework. After reviewing the 7-S Framework; I immediately saw some fundamental similarities in the diversification changes that were made in an attempt to revive Boeing. One supporting point came from the following list; Palmer, Dunford, and Akin (2009). Burk identifies five ways in which organizational models can be useful: 1. By
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Most of the workers belonged to a union, CGT, which consistently went out of their way to resist any changes that Nestle tried to implement. It appears that the workers perceived negative effects also played a huge part in their resistance to change. One example of this is that they feared the 15% percent cut in workforce and major changes to their social benefits, extra holidays and the potential loss of many other attractive aspects of their employment. Another key element would be their attachment to the established organizational culture and identity. Jean-Paul Franc, head of CGT at Perrier…protests, “there are men and women who work here….Morally speaking the water and gas stored below this ground belong to the whole region” (p. 183). Perrier’s management and workers felt a cultural and historical ownership right to keep things the way had been in the past and resist change.

2. Construct a change management strategy for dealing with this situation. Identify what approaches to managing resistance you recommend and provide a clear justification for your choice. The strategy for change management that I would lean toward is identified below: I. Clearly state and identify the reasons surrounding the need for change. II. Identify and