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Effective communication and interpersonal interaction P1
In this essay I have been ask to explain the role of effective communication and interpersonal interaction in health and social care, it is important that all health and social care professionals have developed communication skills to be able to work well with various people, who use or who work with the health and social care service. Effective communication takes place when a message has not only been transmitted and received but also understood, effective communication is a conversation in which no one gets confused by the person’s meaning, it is about using the correct words in order to get the message across. Good effective communication is the foundation to a successful relationship for example patient and carer.
One to one communication refers to the act of two individuals communicating with another directly, this can be done either face to face, by email or most typical one to one communication in the internet which is instant messaging or chat. For example one-to-one communication in health care can be a patient talking with his/her doctor. According to the Health and Social Care Book 1 Level 3 BTEC National when starting a conversation with someone you don’t personally know well you should try and create the right kind of feeling, it is said that it is important that you create an positive emotional atmosphere before you discuss issues or give people information, moreover the person you are communicating with should also feel relaxed and calm an d happy to talk to you.
Group communication is a gathering of a small group of people who communicate with others in the group in general group communication is sharing and discussing a specific message within your group. When communicating in a group it is important that the group has the right atmosphere, many groups may use humour or other friendly ways of behaving which encourages people to talk and join in. some groups such as class room discussions or meetings will sometimes have a team leader who leads to group or conversation, having a leader can encourage people to express their ideas and feelings and generally help them to take turns when talking. The skill of taking turns involves identifying the following pattern.
According to Health and Social Care Book 1 level 3 BTEC National when a person is about to