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The summer between my 8th and 9th grade year my mom told me that I would be getting a new Sunday school teacher. I was very anxious and skeptical about this, but also very excited. Her name was , and little did I know she would make a huge impact on my life. Looking back on the first day I meet I realized that my life has changed so much because of her. The first day taught us she told us her testimony, how she was a good kid never really did anything bad but didn’t have jesus in here life. I got to thinking and realized that I was the exact same way. I then began meeting with and we talked about how I could get jesus into my life. I thought that because of this change I would lose a lot of my friends, but I actually brought them closer to jesus also. not only changed my life in a positive direction but she changed several of my friends lives as well. e and I began hanging out a lot after that, going to get coffee, getting lunch, and going shopping. She taught me that I didn’t have to be a boaring Christian but I could a fun one. She introduced me to Christian rap, which is now one of my favorite genres of music. I thought that u had to go to church every Sunday, Sunday night, and every Wednesday night ; but you don’t, its okay to miss a Sunday or a Wednesday night as long as your walk with Christ is strong.taught me several things to help me with being a fun but dedicated Christian, and I ow everything to her. That summer basically changed my life forever. If