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Happiness between two countries comparison.
Canada and Mexico both have hospitable people, beautiful scenery, and many places to visit. However, these two countries differ in rate happiness index. According to a news report that determines the level of happiness, Canada is the fifth happiest country on the planet (Leung, Marlene). However, Mexico lack of security and poverty between issues that negatively affect the lives of many Mexicans, but in the World Happiness Report Mexico is 14th places, on the list of 158 countries (El Diario De Yucatan). The factors considered in the analysis include GDP per capita, social support, life expectancy, generosity and perceptions of corruption. Although happy in their own ways Canada is a better place to achieve happiness than Mexico because it offers a superior economic status, more accessible and advance education, and a higher level of personal safety.
A country with a strong economy provides the population with more income which can be used to buy more material possessions which increases happiness of the people living there. Canada has one of highest levels of quality of life partially because the working population are employed by companies that offer to their employees a comfortable work environment, competitive salaries, and employment agencies that offer facilities for unemployed people to find work (Marshall, Katherine). For example, there are many employment agencies that offer help such as, how to prepare resumes, interview preparation, and also financially to help with transportation and work clothing. Also this country has strong businesses that export valuable resources to different countries to keep growing in the trade market. For example, high technology products, and various natural resources. Canada has democracy with an advanced legal system, which has lower risks for bribery because the federal government has strict rules to lower the average levels of corruption to offer government transparency (Gregory, Michael). On the contrary, in Mexico it is challenging to find job unless the candidate is highly experienced in a special field, and have a sponsor in a company, and excellent knowledge of English. The job salary in Mexico is not competitive, and workers there usually work more hours for less money. Also the employment agencies do not offer enough support to the candidate to prepare them to look for the right job. Mexico exports a lower amount of manufacturing, and the country mostly does business solely with Canada and the US (The Heritage Foundation). Technology in the country is not advanced which it cannot produce higher quality of products to expand in the market. Event thought Mexico has democratic system the country has high corruption problems cause of rival cartels fighting against each other for power and control of the drug trade and organized crime. This situation is a significant risk for the people because they are not free to enjoy their lives without being concerned for their safety (Mexico Country Profile).
An advance education system offer a higher method of earning a decent living and help to improve personal growth and happiness. In Canada education is very important for students. They understand that to achieve success they must do well in school and pursue some form of postsecondary education (Small Business). Student in Canada also worry to increase their technical skill by participating in volunteer activities, doing unpaid co-op in a company, or joying group to help the community (Maioni, Antonia). On the other hand, Mexican people have other priorities than going to school most of them struggle finding the next meal as well as many other basic life necessities. Mexicans have poor educational habits, and they marry at young age and forget about pursuing their dream career (Anahi, Rama). They do not have the capability to think that education can give them better opportunities to have a better life, they prefer to take any job at a