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Hero Lives “Forever”
“You can die a hero or live long enough to become the villain” this quote is agreeable because it is the core message throughout the movie “Dark Knight”. The key theme in the movie is about Good vs. Eviland it tells a greater conflict that we each must face within our life. We should always believe in ourselves and feel confident about the choices and decisions we make. In addition, Batmans willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his city. This action showed us the true meaning of heroism.
Being a hero could mean getting fired from a job, arrested, injured, or even facing death to sacrifice for others
A hero is someone who we looked up to as role models someone who we can trust and call upon to when we need help. Heroes are selfless, they often sacrifice themselves to protect and save others. Terry Fox is an excellent example for being a hero. He walked across Canada to raise and donating money for charity to help cure cancer. Terry was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a cancerous condition. He did not complain about his unfortunate life, instead he was motivated to sacrifice his health to help others. At the end Terry raised $1.7 million for the cancer research program. Even though Terry is no longer alive, but his heroic actions have perseverant many of us till today.
If you have the chance to die a hero and don’t take it, then you will eventually turn into a villain. Taking that chance to die, means that you are indeed a hero because