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Carpe Diem:
Top 10 Ways to Incorporate Passion into Your Career
What differentiates the mundaten careers from the meaningful ones? Passion is the “x” factor.
Here are 10 tips on how to find and express your personal passions every day:

Tuesday tips

1. Be (authentically) enthusiastic
Authentic passion is attractive and demonstrates traits like commitment, well-roundedness and enthusiasm. While networking or interviewing for a job, don’t be afraid to express that you have deep passions and big goals, but always stay true to your personality and values. (If you’re shy, there’s no need to pretend you’re a comedian!)

6. Hang out with passionate people
Look around your life for other people who share your passions—or any passion. Find the other artists, runners, gamers, hockey fans, stargazers, etc.
Just as you network with other professionals in your industry, network with other professionals in your interest areas. The best professional connections are often forged outside the office (lunch, anyone?).

2. Say yes more often
Be an explorer at work as well. Many people discover their calling through the moves they make at work. Be open to new experiences—assignments, projects, trips, games, trainings, networking events and more. Say yes to new things—passionately.

7. Hang out with passionate people—online
For every possible interest there are a zillion LinkedIn groups, Facebook fan pages, online communities, listservs, Google and Yahoo groups and more.
Especially if you’re short on time or resources, look to these web-based passionfests for ideas, discussions, event listings, networking contacts and more.

3. Find your bliss
The first step to incorporating passion into your work is determining what you’re passionate about. What activities, causes or topics are you most committed to? What could you talk about for hours? What makes you lose track of time? If you’re not entirely sure, dedicate yourself to finding out. Remember back to activities you loved as a kid or take some assessment tests. Everyone has passions; find yours.
4. Get rid of the “shoulds” and “shouldn’ts”
If you think it’s “bad” or “unprofessional” to show your passion at work, you may be dealing with some predetermined fears that aren’t necessarily true. The reality is that passion is a career asset, even in conservative fields like accounting, finance and law. If you’re not convinced, read biographies of successful people and talk to professionals you admire— you’ll likely find passion everywhere you look.
5. Be proactive
People who incorporate passion into their careers don’t just “fall into” this situation. They very deliberately incorporate their interests into their jobs. If you love to write, volunteer to pen more reports or contribute to their organization’s intranet. If you enjoy being social, offer to attend every conference you can. If you love photography, bring your camera to events and snap away.
Here’s where the magic happens: the more your manager and colleagues see you in your element, the more likely they are to find additional ways for you to shine.

8.Give back passionately
No matter what your day job, one of the best ways to incorporate passion into your life is to volunteer your time and talent. If you love animals, volunteer to work at a nature center, zoo or animal rescue center. If you love science, donate your time to a hospital or science museum. Many employers will give you time off for community service and may even introduce you to new projects that uncover a hidden passion.
9. Support others
Another great way to find meaning in your work is through the