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Training and development is of paramount importance to any business that wants to remain competitive in today’s business environment. Karen Woodward, Director of Skills for Employers Learning and Skills Council stated:

“It is crucial at this time of economic downturn that employers continue to invest in skills. Research shows that businesses are 2.5 times more likely to survive if employers train their staff”. -Editorial.htm (accessed 25/05/09 15.30)

Research shows that the keys to a productive, successful business are having a skilled and competent workforce. By demonstrating a commitment to employee development, many companies who support the development of their staff have seen a reduction in staff turnover, sickness levels and leads to a more positive and committed workforce. QUOTE TO SUPPORT –

The author of this report has worked for three years as a Manager at company….(full job specification appendix 1). However due to a performance development review, the author is now looking to further a career within the Human Resource field.

; it also has branches nationwide, company employees over 1,500 people. As the UK’s leading supplier of equipment, company’s main responsibility is supply of goods

Since joining company 3 years ago other than product training, the author has not undertaken any training or development instigated by company and is only currently undertaking the CPP course due to the author’s interest in self-development.

Company currently have a Training & Development Course Portfolio (appendix ?) and all training is offered is in-house. There are no opportunities for staff to gain externally recognised qualifications to advance and pursue individual career aspirations.

Due the current economic climate and the competitive and ever changing environment within which company operates, there is currently a restructuring programme taking place, which will inevitably lead to redundancies. With this in mind, company should now be looking to invest in its current workforce to meet the challenges of today and to give employees the skills for the future to ensure that Company remains competitive and is able to achieve its aims and objectives within the volatile market it operates in. Customers now more than ever demand a good quality service at competitive prices.

Terms of Reference

The purpose of this report is to determine if the implementation of work based NVQ’s would enhance the business and drive Company forward and help it remain competitive. The reason why the author has chosen NVQ is due to the limited costs associated with implementing and managing the process.

The author of this report will investigate the current training and development opportunities at Company and consider if the current training and Development policy adds value to the organisation. Also how do employees access training and are employees equipped with the necessary skills to meet the demands of the business world in 2009 and beyond.

The author will also establish the benefits of implementing NVQ’s, for both the organisation and employees; this will be conducted using both primary and secondary sources.

After highlighting the findings the author will make recommendations to the Management Team at Company of the benefits of strengthening its training and development package with NVQ’s. The author will also discuss how the HR department will contribute to the implementation of NVQ’s into the organisation.


In considering the methodology a literature search and review was carried out in order to learn more about training and development and to learn what other writers had to say on training and development.

It was also decided to collect a considerable amount of date from within Company. The author examined current training and development