Personal Assessment: My Big Five Personality Test

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Based on my Big Five Personality Test, I’ve concluded that I am a girl who is hardworking, ambitious and prefer plan things in advance as I rank very high on conscientiousness. I cannot leave anything undone and procrastination is a behaviour which I personally do not like the most. For example, when a new semester has started, I will go through all the module information booklets to pay attention to the assessment details and set a schedule for myself to make sure I complete my work on time. I will spend time to plan my assignment to help me write confidently and get good marks. My other strength is I can develop a good relationship with peoples around me because I always care about others and enjoy helping others. Therefore, I got high score on agreeableness too. In real life, I have a wide circle of friends and they felt me to be a girl who was very friendly and good attitude. For instance, during student …show more content…
I will feel exhausted after spending time with a group of people and I would like to have a quiet place and private time for myself. I will also think a lot before I speak or act. That’s why I often hang out with few friends instead of a big group of friends in daily life. For example, sometimes I will deliberately find some reasons to refuse to hang out with friends and stay at home to enjoy my hobbies. Besides that, sometimes I will be a worry wart and I believe that it's mostly due to my high conscientiousness. Even though I have been proven that I am emotionally stable with the scores I got on neuroticism, however I always worry about things. I will worry that I did not perform well in everything I did and I always worry about the consequences of my words and deed. For instance, people surrounding me felt that I am well-prepared for the presentation, but I will still worry about my performance and cause me get stressed out