Personal Narrative: My Strengths And Weaknesses Of Writing

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Have you ever turned in an assignment and felt like it is going to earn you a good grade? When you see the end results of the hard work you had put into an assignment come crashing down for those little errors that breaks your paper. I do not want to be a bad writer and want others to experience a good feeling while reading my work, therefore, it is the simple fixes that can turn a good paper into a great one. I have many strengths when it comes to writing, which helps a lot when it comes to getting words on paper. An example of one of my writing strengths is providing a good opening statement with strong following paragraphs. While with a strong opening it helps the writer’s paper flow a lot easier as the paper progresses, as the information starts coming together. Another strength I have is properly transitioning paragraphs properly. This as well helps the paper flow more smoothly and helps keep the reader focused on what the paper is about. This strength also helps the writer provide a proper paper without jumping back and forth with the information at hand. My next strength is providing strong detail as it helps the …show more content…
The tutoring center on campus is a great source of information. Taking my work there and having another set of eyes look over my paper would be a great way on cutting out my common splices. Another source I could also use to help cut back mistakes of my comma splices are pages 269-273 in my “The Little, Brown Compact Handbook.” There are many great points made on those pages to help to avoid those mistakes. While keeping a list of words for forbidden second person pronouns will help cut back those mistakes. Proofreading is the best way to cut those out, regardless of the number of times you may need to do it. By understanding my mistakes, knowing where my resources are to help prevent them will only make this writer a more confident one as I continue to