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As individuals, I believe in the importance of realizing our strengths and weaknesses in order to make a difference in relating personal growth. Having different goals, priorities and special qualities about ourselves is what makes us individuals. In our society, we interact with all sorts of different personalities and individuals. Our individuality plays a major role in the relationships we form with others, and the environment we surround ourselves with. Those that know me the best would say I am known for my self-discipline, my eagerness to learn, kindness and compassion, and patience.
Within my personal relationships, I’ve always considered myself to be a nurturer. My friends and family are my world. They are a big part of who I am today and without them I don’t know where I would be. I am always concerned with everyone’s well-being, sometimes even before my own. Their happiness is important to me and I try to make sure everyone is always okay and happy. I have always been the person my friends and family come to for advice or simply to just have someone to sit and listen. I believe strongly in the importance of the little things, and sometimes just having someone there to give a positive and encouraging smile can make all the difference.
In the workplace, I have learned my limitations and what works best for me. My eagerness to learn something new every day benefits me in every way possible. I think that people are only as limited as they allow themselves to be. I take a lot of pride in my job and I understand the responsibilities I have. Self-discipline is a trait I have developed throughout my life and I believe is very important in succeeding. Self- discipline has given me the ability to remain focused on my goals and attain the respect of my peers. Punctuality is very important to me. I make every effort never to be late and the majority of the time I arrive early for my appointments and engagements. I believe that in order for people to have confidence and trust in you, they need to feel like they can rely on you in all types of situations.
I consider myself more of a leader than a follower. Being a leader takes an outgoing personality, and a person that loves to work and be around people. It also takes good decision making skills, patience and the ability to work well under pressure. A team that works well together makes all the