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With the economy how it is today, the job market and unemployment rate is very high. It’s getting harder and harder to get jobs in America today. Many high school students today are having part time jobs while they are in high school. I think having a job while in high school is great for the matureness and growing up stage for high school students. Having a job teaches responsibility and time management. Having a job during high school looks good on college applications and it gives high school students to see how hard the real world is. To begin, having a job while full time in high school is very good because it teaches responsiblity and time management; Moreover, it teaches responsibility because they need to have the requirements to work and get there on time. It teaches them time management because they have to do homework as well so they have to calculate how long the homework will take and when they will eat and shower and before you know it you’re doing homework at 12:00 at night because they got off work at 9:00 p.m. They can’t be gregarious and forget about their priorities. Time management is extremely important when you’re attending school and have a job at the same time. Also, having a job while you’re in high school is very good on college applications. Having work experience on your college application could make it or break it; In fact, it could be the difference from a scholarship to no scholarship. Scholarships are very limited now-a-days and you have to be better than the next person; Therfore if your competing with 10 other people for an academic scholarship and all 10 other people have pretty much the same grades and G.P.A, but you