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Goldfish are Made of Gold

The common goldfish is an unassuming pet. However, beneath the surface of the ubiquitous garden pond swims a very precious commodity. Society is not aware of how valuable goldfish really are. Goldfish are in fact made of gold. Goldfish are the most irreplaceable fish you could possibly buy. Goldfish really are the must have pet. In support of my argument, a young historian, Susie Wong; who specialised in Chinese Mythology, explored the ancient myth of the sacred goldfish. Susie found a dusty and crumpled scroll deep inside a deserted temple, in Beijing; the scroll contained an intriguing possibility, but was it true? She was mesmerized by what she read, so decided to seek the truth. At St. Andrews University, an elite team of Marine Biologists and Metallurgists who were sworn to secrecy took control of the investigation. Fifteen years later the truth behind the myth was revealed to a chosen few. This team of dedicated experts discovered that goldfish contained a new element. This new element was named: Buoyant Gold. This new element not only allowed goldfish to adjust their buoyancy, but also contained the same purity as standard gold. Susie states that-“This new discovery is overwhelming! This proves that there are many hidden secrets within these myths, which we are unaware of.” We should however, appreciate the power of this new found knowledge. As a financially astute person I’m sure you will understand our dilemma. If we were to