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Today’s teenagers really need their own means of transportation, and having my own car could benefit us both to make our lives much easier. You could get more rest and not have to wake up so early if I could take myself to school. It would teach me to manage my own time and to be responsible for my own things. I could also run errands for you whenever you need it. This would all allow you to have more rest and relaxation, and less stress. If I could drive myself to school, not only would you be able to get more sleep, but you wouldn’t have to run around all afternoon. I could drive myself home from practice or to games or meeting and everything else that I have to do. This would really save you the exhaustion of running back and forth all over town every day and you might have more time to do something that you enjoy. Having more time for yourself could create a calm environment for the entire family and cause less stress. Owning a car is a big responsibility, but I can take the challenge. If I had ownership over something as valuable as a car, I would definitely learn to be responsible and take care of it on my own. It would better prepare me for my future. I would learn to take pride in things that I own. It would just really help me to grow as a person, and I would come out of the experience as a more mature person. Sometimes you have too many things to do and it just seems like there is not enough hours in the day. If I had my own car I could help you take