Persuasive Essay On Education

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America is encountering an incredibly large crisis that if ignored, will turn our society into a disaster. The issue at hand here is the incredibly lacking education system that we are putting our kids into. America used to be a world leader in education. America used to be a good example for other countries to follow. America is now lagging behind the rest of the developed world in a very scary way. We have allowed our children to get lazy in every aspect of their schooling. The teachers make it too easy, the administrators make it too easy, the parents make it too easy. All of this adds up to the joke of a school system we have today. It is such a ridiculous system where the gifted and talented kids are wasted in classes that are not worth …show more content…
This system has to change, otherwise these kids will be unable to support the needs of this nation at no fault of their own. We need better options for gifted kids, as well as special needs kids. Every other developed nation in the world is spending lots more than america on education, which quite frankly is unacceptable. As Americans we need to be setting an example for the rest of the world, not lagging behind them. We can already see the effects of this education crisis taking effect with millennials having difficulty finding jobs that match the skills they have acquired in school. And this is not their fault. American schools focus on things that can be found in textbooks like trigonometry or biology, but what this means is that these kids are not learning any real life skills like money management, and how to find a job. I know numerous people who have gone through the american schooling system that have never once used their schooling in what they do every day of their lives. In fact, that very scenario is extremely common in the states. What this means is that we need a more personalized plan for our