Essay about Physical Exercise

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Through the topics that our class covered so far in class I have found the topic of how being physically active and participating in exercise can affect one’s mood. I have been relatively active my whole life, but I have never thought so much into the idea that working out could affect my mood. After thinking about this idea I realize that it is true. Whenever I exercise or do well in a challenging workout I find an increased sense of accomplishment and self-esteem. Physically I may be drained after physical activity, but mentally I better about myself. When I feel good about myself it puts me in a positive mood. The idea that exercise can affect someone mentally fascinates into looking into more of how and why this happens. I recall one of my classmates referring to how physical activity increases the endorphins. Honestly, I had no idea what they were speaking of at the time so I looked into what they were, how they worked, and so on. I found out that endorphins are a chemical substance that can affect functions of perception of pain, stress, cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive functions. To relate this idea into terms that I understand; I see endorphins as the “runner’s high” that I get when I go for a paced run. It amazes me how exercise can have such a positive impact on a person. I know from personal experience that I do feel much happier about myself after I work out. Looking back at the days that I did not work out; I can admit that I have a sense of…