Exercise and Physical Fitness Essay

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ENG 111
9 September 12
During those difficult workout sessions do you ever wonder why do I do this to myself? Exercising dates all the way back to the beginning of mankind, however, the exercising that is known today did not come to be until the early 18th century (White). Over the years exercising has become more popular in society for many different reasons. The four main reasons people exercise include: physical appearance, as a hobby, required for one’s career, and to stay or possibly become healthier. One reason people exercise is to keep up their physical appearances. Some people believe that if you look good you tend to feel good. With that said, keeping up your appearance has the effect of raising your confidence. Confidence gives people an increase in their motivation. Also, working out stimulates endorphins which releases positive emotions that lead to feeling confident within one self and ones appearance. Exercise has been classified by some people as a hobby. It is not required by them, but is thought of as an enjoyable experience. For these individuals working out may be used as a stress reliever, to calm their nerves, or to relax them. On the contrary, not everyone agrees with this. And that group of people are required to work out for reasons of achievement. Exercising has many positive views, but not many people side with all the positive sides since there are many negatives as well.

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Furthermore, stating on the grounds of negative points of views, an individual can exercise everyday but not see the results he/she wants which leads them to a negative outlook. These individuals fail to recognize that exercise takes more than just an hour at a gym. It is a lifestyle you want to live in, a devotion to self, and an outreach to health. Any individual wanting to see all the positive outlooks, needs to understand that it takes more than just exercising to reach the goals they want to achieve. Positive mentality throughout any workout leads to successful results, healthy nutrition, and understand the goals you want to reach. For some individuals, a requirement of physical fitness is needed for their career. To acquire physical fitness, working out is a necessity.