Essay about Physician and Nursing Shortages

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Physician & Nursing Shortages
Impacts they have because the Affordable Care Act and Reform

Marquitha Howell

Healthcare reforms including Obama Care, formally named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act greatly impacts physicians and nursing shortages. There are several provisions which could direct impact physicians and nurses through incentives for potential recruitment, grants, training and retention. Through potential initiatives, the act may indirect effects that may question or present new reimbursement alternatives and models of health care delivery options. Healthcare reforms will allow millions of additional working as well as no working Americans to obtain healthcare coverage and this
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A result of the survey concluded that 60% of the respondents concluded that the pressures of trying to increase patient numbers will probably have a negative effect on the level of care physicians whom have the opportunity to provide services. The study concluded that 51% of the physicians thought that their ability to successfully keep positive relationships with their patients and grow patient relationships would be negatively affected. Lastly, the study concluded that out of 10 physicians, nine are disillusioned by the concerns with the shortages so that several of the physicians actively discourage family and friends from pursuing careers in medicine. Unfortunately, this is a shocking reality of what many of us already know, and statistics presented from the study would be even higher if the exact survey questionnaire was conducted today. While the many projected newly insured patients that will enter the health care system may obtain their insurance coverage through available state ran exchanges, many new patients may still find themselves unable to afford potential discounted policies. This will cause many to look for coverage from Medicaid out of urgency and because they may feel as though they have no choice.